Our Next Event

Thompsons exterior

Our next event is at the Thompson’s, Newport, IoW on Wednesday 22nd May.  Full details can be found on the Next Event page..

A Message From Our Bailli

Andrew Crawford

The Chaine is a friendly, informal but worldwide organisation celebrating the art of good food and wine.  Here in the Solent area (broadly Hampshire and West Sussex) we arrange dinners, and some luncheons, at establishments which have an established or growing reputation.  The menus are tailored to display the skills of the kitchen and the wine flights are matched to the food.

An inclusive price is paid for the meal, wines and service.  A pre-dinner drink and canapes are normally provided.  Although informal, the conviviality and company being one of the binding ingredients to the success of the Chaine, there are certain traditions observed such as  the Sante de Chef  at the end of the meal.  Generally the chef will close the restaurant for our exclusive use on the evening.

Solent organises about 8 events a year but membership entitles entry to the numerous events held across the country and globally.  If you are curious to join an event to see if you like it then contact Chancelier@ChaineSolent.org.uk.

Andrew Crawford

Bailli Régional de Solent


2019 Events

The complete list of events for 2019 has been published on the Future Events page.

Chichester College

There is a write up on this event with pictures on the international Chaine newsonline website.