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Lunch at Fat Olives, Emsworth

Fat Olives interior

Our next event is a lunch at Fat Olives, Emsworth on Thursday 17 March 2022. Full details can be found on the Next Event page.

A Message From Our Bailli

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The Chaîne de Rôtisseurs is an international organisation which celebrates the enjoyment of good food and wine. Sharing and appreciating fine dining with fellow members is at the heart of our association.

The Chaîne’s headquarters is based in Paris and we have more than 24,000 members worldwide. Each country divides itself into regions known as Bailliages. Here in the Solent area our local Bailliage broadly covers Hampshire and West Sussex.

We host between six and eight exclusive dinners or luncheons each year at establishments of the highest quality and reputation - as well as at exciting or interesting new ones. The carefully chosen menu is designed to showcase and display the outstanding culinary skills of the chef and brigade, with the wine flight matched to the food.

An inclusive price is agreed for the meal, wines and service.  Pre-dinner wine and canapes are normally provided. Conviviality and company are the binding ingredients of the success of the Chaîne. Generally the chef/proprietor will close the restaurant for our exclusive event and the entire brigade and front of house/service team will be celebrated at the close.

Chaîne membership entitles members to attend any of the literally dozens of events held by our fellow Bailliages each year across the country and globally.

John Wigg

Bailli Régional de Solent